Oh Come Emmanuel Advent Series (Old Testament)

At Good Shepherd during the Sundays in December we will follow an Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel Advent worship series. Join us as we walk through Old Testament lessons that point to the coming Savior. Advent helps us prepare our hearts for Jesus coming at Christmas time and for his second coming at the end of time. Set aside the lists of presents to buy and look at what God has given you. God gave us wonderful gifts to prepare us for his Son including the gifts of baptism prefigured in the saving waters of the flood, gospel ministers preparing the way for the Lord, joy brought to us by the Servant of the Lord, and finally the gift of the Savior himself, promised to David, promised to us. Oh come oh come Emmanuel!

We pray that this series is a blessing for you this Advent season. You can order the coordinating symbols and power point images in the shop.

Advent 1 - Genesis 6:1-3, 5-14, 17-22 - Gift of Baptism, Savior of the Nations Come

Advent 2 - Isaiah 40:1-11 - Gift of Prophets, On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry

Advent 3 - Isaiah 61:1-3, 10,11 - Gift of Joy, Hard the Glad Sound the Savior Comes

Advent 4 - 2 Samuel 7:8-16 - Gift of a Savior, Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel

Pastor Marques Nelson

Romans: The Basics of the Christian Faith, One Word at a Time.

This summer at Good Shepherd, we will explore the basics of the Christian faith by studying the book of Romans. In Romans, the gospel is so clearly revealed. The good news that God has restored a relationship with his fallen people is showcased throughout the book. Romans takes us back to the basics of Christianity and yet presents us with deep concepts to wrestle with. What is atonement, righteousness, reconciliation?  What does this mean in my relationships with the people around me?  What does this say about my relationship with God? Each week we will look at a different good news concept that is highlighted in that reading from Romans. God's Word will give us the comfort, strength, and hope that we need... one word at a time. 

Corissa and I hope that the corresponding artwork can be a blessing for your ministry as you share the beautiful basics of the Christian faith this summer, one word at a time.

Pastor Marques Nelson


Pentecost 2 Atonement

Pentecost 3 Righteousness

Pentecost 4 Reconciliation

Pentecost 5 Reversal

Pentecost 6 Buried (Baptism)

Pentecost 7 Battling (Sin)

Pentecost 8 Longing (Eschatology)

Pentecost 9 Praying (Prayer)

Pentecost 10 Chosen (Predestination)

Pentecost 11 Inseparable (Providence)

Pentecost 12 Roots (Old Testament Church)

Pentecost 13 Grafted (New Testament Church)

Pentecost 14 Awe (Worship)

Pentecost 15 Sacrifice (Body ministry)

Pentecost 16 Love (A citizen of two kingdoms)

Pentecost 17 Freedom (Christian Freedom)