Free Photos & Fonts for Commercial Use (My Latest Go-To Resources)

Need to throw together a quick image for your blog, website, Facebook page, or event?  These resources are some of my current favorites for commercial use goodies.


1.  Pixabay has quite a variety of images.  The site has photos, vectors, and illustrations.

2.  Pexels also has some great photos.

3.  Unsplash has a minimalist look that I enjoy.

4.  Flickr Commons is where I check for historic and museum archival images.


1.  Free Typography is a great one to watch for fun fonts.  I usually watch for great new posts on their Facebook page and then download from their site.

2.  Font Squirrel is still a favorite of mine.  Not only do they have free fonts available on their site, but they also list free fonts that become available on sites like Font Spring, that offer premium fonts.

Do you have some favorite sites for photos and fonts?  Please share in the comments!

Basic Flyer Design: 6 Free Resources You Can Use

In my article, Basic Flyer Design:  First Keep it Simple, I suggested simple concepts for flyer design.  I have compiled here a list of six free resources that you can use to help you with your flyer designs.

1.  Gimp

A free graphics manipulation program

2.  Inkscape

A free program that allows you to work with vector graphics



3.  Flickr Commons

A great resources for photos that you can use for your flyers, especially for a vintage photo feel.

4.  Creative Commons

Find information on the various types of creative commons copyrights and find a variety of media in the creative commons realm.

fonts image

fonts image

5.  Font Squirrel

Download free fonts for personal or commercial use

6.  Photoshop Express

Use a basic version of Photoshop online for photo manipulation.

Have you found some nice free online resources?  Feel free to share below.