From Christmas to Advent

As I loaded my new Advent candle artwork on the website today, I realized that I have spent a year now creating worship art. It was with a lamb at Christmas last year that I started this project. It has been a really neat learning process for me. As I went through this first year, knowing I didn't have time to create art for every single week, I looked for images and symbols that could be used for more than one Sunday. By looking for recurring imagery, I began to see the beautiful pictures that God continues to draw us back to. As I moved through the year, I kept seeing that lamb. I also saw light shining in darkness, living water, bread of life, a crown, and palms. During this same year, my husband began serving as a pastor. Being able to put words and pictures together for worship services has been really neat for us. I often hear from members that having a picture in front of them helps them really see the theme of the worship service. So many people are visual learners. It has been a way for me to better learn our church year structure and share what I'm learning with others. I can't wait to see what I see in this next year.

Advent 1.jpg